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Monday, March 21, 2011

BYU's Trip to the Mitten

The Cougars of Brigham Young University came to the state of Michigan expecting to build a strong resume for seeding in the MCLA Tournament, but things haven't gone as expected for the men from Provo. Sure, they may not have expected to get a win on Michigan's home turf, but losing by 10 goals probably wasn't what they were looking for. And maybe they were expecting a hard-fought battle with Michigan State, but they were probably also predicting they'd come out on top.

Instead, the Spartans took care of BYU 10-7 on Saturday night in Pontiac, leaving the Cougars with just a game at Central Michigan to salvage their road trip. Though the Chippewas are untested, they bring an undefeated record into the game - something BYU can't say. Wouldn't it be wild if the Chips rode their momentum (and BYU rode theirs) to a win tonight?

Both Michigan and Michigan State have taken advantage of top-flight competition visiting their home (or semi-home, in the Spartans' case) fields this weekend. It could be great for lacrosse in the state of Michigan if CMU can do the same.

It is at this time I wish more MCLA teams would keep and publish full stats like Michigan does, so I could break down the Spartans' win over BYU.

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