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Friday, March 4, 2011

Michigan Updates

First things first, collegelax Oregon cult hero BHSvideodad has put up his video recap of the Michigan-Oregon game:

Oregon vs Michigan Lacrosse 2011 from Claude Lyneis on Vimeo.

From the looks of things, the Ducks were beneficiaries of a couple goals that you could either consider "lucky" or "soft" in the second quarter. The Michigan D was giving a whole lot up, and a couple less-than-staller shots from the porch managed to find their way into the net.

The Michigan comeback looked a lot like business as usual. My lack of extreme concern following the game seems to be warranted.

Equally important News

I shared this on Twitter, but the Michigan-Chapman game (definitely the biggest non-conference away contest of the regular season) will be streamed like on collegelax.tv tomorrow at 1PM PST. That's 4:00 real-life time, which means if you're posted up on your couch watching the Michigan State-Michigan basketball game, fire up the laptop when it's over and see a marquee MCLA contest.

Apparently Also Important News

The team got new helmets last night:

As a non-gear dude, I'm all like "whateva," but according to 412 Lax, this is A Big Deal. The main thing I noticed is that the side vents screw up the iconic winged pattern:

I guess I'm just no fun. Hey, the team apparently really likes them (per the Twitter machine), so more power to them.


On my way out of town last night, I ran across the Michigan State lacrosse team waiting to board their flight to Portland. I fired off a quick "beat Fraser," but I think those who heard me were mostly surprised that someone at the airport 1) knew who they were and where they were going and 2) would wear a block-M jacket and also wish them luck. They were in the process of getting onto their plane, and I was magically floating past them on a moving walkway, so I didn't get a chance to stop and chat.

Potentially going to my first-ever Division-1 game tonight (Lafayette @ Penn), so I'm pretty excited for that.

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